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At Follow Your Heart Animal Hospital, you become family. As such, we promise to treat our clients’ pets with the same level of care as we do our own.

Our Mission & Values

As a nonprofit hospital, we are committed to supporting the veterinary needs of our community. We offer best in class service at an affordable price so that every pet can have access to the care they need.

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About Our Hospital

We are a team of skilled professionals guided by compassion, optimism, integrity, love, and an uncompromising desire to
assist animals in need.

We are committed to preventing unnecessary euthanasia regardless of the age, species, breed, or health status of abandoned, unwanted, or abused animals.

We will act as advocates for animals.

The well being, happiness, and health of animals will be the driving force of our organization.

We will empower our clients, our volunteers, and our community with knowledge through educational outreach in order to prevent animal disease and overpopulation.

We will endeavor to improve the quality of life in our community through compassionate philanthropy. 

We have a special focus on our Tigg Penn 

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Our full service facility supports a broad spectrum of services

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This hospital is clean and comfortable, full of individuals who truly care about you and your pets. It’s really amazing to watch them help in the community as well. All around just a wonderful place to take your pets for their vet care.

Amanda Divine

The team at Follow Your Heart Animal Hospital are extremely professional. The place is very clean. The front desk workers are great and treat my pup as their own. The Vet and vet techs are super friendly and patient. My pup LOVES to talk and can be loud. They responded by talking back to her and made her and me very comfortable. I’m glad they are here to help care for my pup.

Jeff Turner

First time, seemed very knowledgeable, professional and friendly. My pet might have a slightly different opinion as she got multiple shots and a thermometer up her butt….. I’m definitely going back.

Kerry Reide

Great vet! Our three dogs are in very good hands with Dr. Carr who is really excellent with our dogs. I have been to numerous vets and feel this is the friendliest and most compassionate place I have been. It can get a little busy when dropping off for surgery but I’m totally happy with the dogs care!

Joe D

I am 100% blown away with how wonderful and caring the owner and staff were at this facility. I had rescued a few puppies with parvo and they swooped in and saved the day before it was too late.
I will recommend this clinic to anyone in need of wonderful service for their pet or any other animals that may need care. Thank you Debbie and the rest of your amazing crew for your help today ❤️🙏

Cortney Driscoll

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Hours of Operation


8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


8:00 AM – 5:00 PM


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