Helping Paws

Giving an owner an extra hand

Here at FYHAH, our goal is to give help when we can. In order to do this, we rely on donations for procedures for owners and their beloved pets. For instance, we helped raise money for a local pet that needed an amputation after getting away
from her dad and being hit by a car. The donations were a big help to fund the procedure.

Help our Own FYH Rescue dogs

One of the main reasons we have a hospital is to help provide for our many foster dogs at Follow Your Heart Animal Rescue. We help aid from a mere kennel cough to severe Parvo cases. We are able to do this because you believe in us.

Helping other Rescues

We have so many amazing rescues that come to us with their beloved dogs and we want to also in some way help them for helping those without a voice. 

How to give a  Helping Paw

We now have two ways you can help us! 
You can donate via Paypal, by phone, or Venmo:


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